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Sprinkles of Spring...

This week we have noticed little signs of Spring around school, new plants are making an appearance and it stays lighter for longer.

This week in Science we looked at plants and what they need to grow. Then we created an experiment. We have planted cress seeds and will give them water, soil and light. We have also planted seeds in soil and will water then but keep them in the cupboard without light. We cant wait to share the results with you. We predict the ones out in our classroom will grow and the ones in the cupboard will not. In Art we continued with the indoor and outdoor sculptures - linking it to Geography to create homes suitable for different climates. In PHSE we discussed being healthy and unhealthy. We labelled drawings to show fruit, drink and activities that support healthy living. In RE we shared our favourite celebrations and talked about why we celebrate. We recalled objects that remind us of celebrations and how they make us and other people feel. In History we watched a PowerPoint about items from the past. The teachers talked about the old telephones, VHS and cassette tapes they used. In Geography we looked at homes around the world and compared our homes to an igloo. What similarities and differences do they have? we looked closely and discussed.

Year 1 Team

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