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Science Week...

The topic for Science Week 2023 is Connections. Bridges help us to make links to other places. So we decided to look further into how bridges are designed to hold a lot of weight. We have also been talking about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) jobs and how they link to bridges. E.g. Engineers make bridges but they need to use their Science, Technology and Mathematical skills to complete the final structure.

We have been designer's creating our bridges after looking at other structures. We then used construction items to create bridges. Next we tested columns to find out the best shape to hold weight. Then we created our own columns and tweaked them to make them stronger. Finally we had a challenge: To make a strong bridge using spaghetti that would hold the maths weights.

We also filled the gem jar to the top - so we got our reward - a camp fire with chocolate rice krispie cakes!

We've loved being Scientists this week. A lovely end to half term.

We hope you all enjoy the school break!

Year 1 Team

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