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Reception Learning About Mental Health & ‘Take Care for Bobby’ Campaign.

It's "Mental Health Awareness" week.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘nature‘ – something fitting, after a year where we’ve seen more of our four walls in our homes than the four seasons. As we enter spring and the nation eases out of lockdown, it's good to reconnect with nature and the environment.

In reception we have been exploring different feelings/moods. We have discussed all

our feelings and looked at ways to overcome/solve problems relating to our emotions.

The emotional wellbeing of children is just as important as their physical health.

Having good mental health can help children become more resilient and cope with obstacles in life. There is nothing more important to childhood development than them being able to manage and process their feelings. In order to understand that their feelings are normal and relevant they become more able to talk about and manage them or ask for help.

We have enjoyed many opportunities to spend time outside with friends engaging in activities such as snack time, cloud watching, exercise sessions and walking around the school's grounds even though the weather hasn't been too kind to us this week!

We are supporting he Bobby Colleran Trust which is now running the campaign ‘Take Care for Bobby’. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact on the mental health of young people has been well documented on a national and international level. The ‘Take Care for Bobby initiative’ will provide vital support services within the school environment by delivering a mental health awareness programme to children and young people across Primary and Secondary education. The ‘Take Care for Bobby’ campaign’s mission is to deliver a range of therapies in schools, improve the understanding of mental health for children, young people and care givers as well as providing bite-size tips and tools for mental health caretaking within its specially created programme. The Trust’s vision is to open its own ‘Wellbeing Centre’ for children and young people in Liverpool as part of the next phase in the ‘Take Care for Bobby’ campaign and the charity is also driving a fundraising mission to support this programme. In order to facilitate this vision the trust needs to raise £100,000 towards the cost of the building.

Reception joined in with the fun by having a turn to ride a balance bike, even having races on them!

Fingers crossed Mr Sunshine will appear this weekend so we can all explore the beauties of nature!

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