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PE Superstars!

Last term in PE we focused on developing our personal skills.

Our learning goals were:

  • I can follow instructions and practise safely.

  • I can work on simple tasks by myself.

  • I try several times if at first I don’t succeed and I ask for help when appropriate.

We start every PE lesson by spreading positivity. The children do this by, sharing kind words, hugs, smiles, hi-5's, and thumbs up!

For the first 3 weeks of our theme was 'going on a bike ride'. Our focus was developing our knowledge of footwork patterns including, side-stepping, galloping, hopping, and skipping. We explored the importance of performing these movements with fluency and control.

Our second half of the unit our theme was a 'Pirate Adventure'. The children took great enjoyment and really expressed themselves as the characters included. We focused on developing our understanding of how to maintain a balance on one leg.

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