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Hazel Class enjoying the Safari Park.

Today we went on our class trip to Knowsley Safari Park. We had a fun filled day! We started our day at the safari park with a guided safari drive. We seen a lot of animals we have been learning about in school during our science lessons. We seen lions, camels, ostriches and a pack of wolves!

Then we went to the Tiger classroom and learned all about mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects, We even got to see a snake skeleton, camel fur and an ostrich egg!

Then we went to see the sea lion show! We meet two sea lions called Louis and Arthur, they danced, performed tricks and caused a big splash! We all cheered and clapped really loudly when they performed their tricks.

We ate lunch and played in the play park with all our friends in class! We loved the huge slide and playing on the wooden zebra. Then we started our walking safari tour. On our walking safari tour we seen giraffes, meerkats, birds of prey and a huge tiger!

We loved our day at the safari park!

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