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Blackmoor Heroes!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hello all, we hope you are keeping well and safe in these unprecedented times. The children who have been in school this week, have had a fantastic attitude to learn matched with super behavior. They have worked so hard so far and i'm sure they'll continue to make everyone very proud. They've enjoyed seeing familiar teachers, along with dearly missed friends.

Year 2 have been busy identifying and classifying flowering plants. They have learnt about the different parts of a flowering plant and what they do, and enjoyed using our outside space to draw and label different flowering plants.

Year 1 have been busy being creative. They have been looking at artistic techniques, specifically looking at various collage designs. They collectively decided to collage a design of a fish. The children's designs are superb, and impressed all the different grown ups who visited their class!

We hope you enjoy our slideshow which includes photo's of the activities children participated in today

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