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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Reception have been as busy as Father Christmas' Elves this week!

We have upheld the tradition of eating Christmas Dinner, it was delicious. Thank you Bernie and all the kitchen team! We loved all the decorations and having a dance to Christmas songs once we had finished.

On Tuesday we had a very special visitor, Father Christmas and his reindeer-Lightening! We found out Lightening is 3 years old, and still in training to learn how to fly!

Father Christmas brought his reindeer and the snow with him...

We performed for the other children in school, and for our families on Wednesday. We did so well, in front of so many people. All the adults in school are school are so proud of us!

We have been getting crafty, using our DT Skills to design our cards for families, art skills to make and decorate christmas decorations, and writing skills to write our cards.

All this and we still have our Christmas party day, and Christmas Film to look forward to...

we must be on the nice list!!

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