Story time with Mrs Rattigan

Today I am reading one of my favourite stories. It is one that I read to both my girls often.

It is- The Invisible String, written by Patrice Karst, illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

I hope you enjoy this story today. When you have listened to the story you might want to talk about and answer some of these questions.

  • Who helps you when you are afraid of something?

  • What is an invisible string?

  • How far can the invisible string reach?

  • Where do you think the string goes?

  • How many invisible strings do you think you have?

  • How does an invisible string help someone when they feel alone, sad or afraid?

If any of you choose to draw a picture of your invisible strings we would love to see them. Please take a photo and email them in to your class teachers. Take care and stay safe

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