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Kindi 3+ 'All About Me'

This week we have began to explore our project 'Who am I?'

All the adults shared photographs and objects all about themselves and their families in key person groups, and we have been encouraging the children to talk about themselves. Lots of you have already sent in some beautiful family photographs, thank you!

It isn't too late to send some in if you haven't managed to do so yet.

The children have all made a 'mini me' and used them when talking about themselves. They are now out in our environment so that they can use them in small world imaginative play.

HAPPY TO BE ME is our first project text and we have been using the story to focus in on our different body parts and being thankful for everything they do.

We looked really closely at our faces and explore using different media (pastel, colored pencils and felt tips) to draw our faces. We definitely have some wonderful budding artists!

Please remember to check the blog every week for the latest updates on our adventures in Kindi 3+.

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