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26/4/22 - Oak Afternoon

This afternoon we've had a lot of fun in PE and PSHE. In PE this term we will be practising the skills of sending and receiving. We are practising this by playing games like catch. Today we focused on rolling as a way of sending an object, and receiving it as it rolled along the floor. This is the first step in our PE skills development and the children had lots of fun practising. We took these skills to play a game, 'Clean The Garden'. In this game our class was split in half and we had lots of different sized footballs and tennis balls. The aim of the game was to keep your side of the sports hall clear from any of the balls and we did this by rolling the balls away. Luckily this time was just a practice, but next week we will be having a competitive game called 'Clean The Garden'.

When we got back from PE we moved onto PSHE and looked at families and what different families can look like. We had some lovely thoughtful answers from everybody as we discussed that sometimes our families don't look like everyone else's family. We talked a lot about what made a household and focused on love and happiness. When our discussion was over the children created 'My Happy Home Recipe' to explain all of the things that make a happy home. Our afternoon ended with a new Julia Donaldson book as Oak has loved listening to her stories so far this term.

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