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Making Rocket Fuel-Class Beech

We made a fair test to examine what happens when we added one, two and then nineteen Mentos to Diet Coke. We predicted and recorded our results and found out the more Mentos we added the bigger the chemical reaction that occurred and the bigger the explosion. We investigated further and found out that Diet Coke has a high concentration of Carbon Dioxide which when combined with the bumpy Mentos sweets generates a force that pushes liquid out of the bottle.

We then came up with questions for further investigations such as substituting the Diet coke for other drinks, hot or cold, fizzy or non-fizzy, making the amount of liquid smaller or larger and using a much larger number of Mentos.

We measured how much Diet Coke had been displaced by each group of Mentos.

We then discovered that the actual liquids had then become completely flat!

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