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Number 1

This week we have begun our number sense approach to mathematics, and the children have really loved exploring the number 1.

We have:

  • counted in ones

  • found sets of one

  • looked at the 2D shapes; a circle and an oval with one curved side,

  • looked at the 3D shapes: a sphere with one curved face, and cone with one curved face, one circular flat face, one edge and one point

  • explored how many things we can do in 1 minute

  • found 1 o'clock on the classroom clock

  • talked about Monday as the first day of the week, and January as the first month of the year

  • completed simple repeating patterns, such as red, yellow, red yellow

  • explored money with one penny and one pound coins, and used one pence coins to buy our snack

  • looked at a one metre ruler, and found objects that are taller and shorter

  • compared the weight of objects and used the language heavy and light

  • measured how many cups we needed to fill a one litre jug

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