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A fantastic week in Kindi

Kindi would like you to introduce you to our new colleague Miss Sarah who has joined our team this week. Miss Sarah will be looking after Seedling class and the children are already very impressed.

A busy week in Kindi, lots of lovely activities indoors and outdoors. We have been reading a book called Mary had a monstesaur and talking to the children about the sound effects within the story, what the story is about and what they like about the story.

Our Maths, all about 2

We have been subitising ”I wonder how many?” Our children have scanned the room and located and have pointed out lots of pictures and objects.

Its Friday, Wear blue for Bobby. We talked about Road safety and how important it is to stay with our parent/carer near the roads and crossing the roads.

A fantastic week in Kindi,Enjoy your weekend and we will see you Monday keep well and safe.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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