We follow the ‘SEAL’ education programme. Although PSHE is non-statutory there is an expectation outlined in the introduction to the national curriculum that all schools should teach PSHE. Values education is also a theme that runs through every project. When children leave Blackmoor Park Infant School they should be equipped with the full range of skills that enables them to become lifelong learners. Through our unique approach of teaching and living out Christian Values, children are also equipped with the social skills and understanding to become good citizens in the future.

Relationships and Health Education


Children are taught about what a relationship is, what friendship is, what family means and who the people are who can support them. From the beginning our children are taught how to take turns, how to treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect, the importance of honesty and truthfulness, permission seeking and giving, and the concept of personal privacy. Establishing personal space and boundaries, showing respect and understanding the differences between appropriate and inappropriate or unsafe physical, and other, contact. Respect for others is taught in an age-appropriate way, in terms of understanding one’s own and others’ boundaries in play, in negotiations about space, toys, books, resources and so on.

What's happening in PHSE lessons at Blackmoor...

July 8, 2020

Today Chestnut have been exploring how they feel about the move to the Junior school in September. We read a story about a boy called Jake. He was worried about his first day in his new school but after an amazing day he couldn't wait to go back. We talked about all th...

July 3, 2020

As part of our preparations to move to the Junior School in September, we have been exploring the school website. We were very impressed by the artists who took part in a competition and it inspired us to create our own pieces of art. Have a you have a favour...

July 1, 2020

Today Chestnut have been busy thinking about moving to the Junior School and talking about how they feel about it. We decided to make worry dolls. Have you heard of them before? No? Let us tell you about them...

A worry doll is a Mayan legend and made as a way to help y...

June 4, 2020

Today Year 2 have been thinking about emotions and feelings. We read a story called ' My Monster and Me' and talked about which special person we could talk to if we are worried or scared.

We used oil pastels to draw our special person and shared why they are special. H...

The majority of children in Willow Class brought their bikes and helmets into school today. They were learning to ride their bikes without stabilisers. Amazingly, some children were able to ride their bike independently by the end of just one session. Many of the child...

March 11, 2020

Lots of children in our school have been able to learn to ride their bikes safely and independently thanks to charity SUSTRANS. Children firstly turned their bikes into 'Balance Bikes' before being able to ride their bikes without support for the first time in many cas...

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