Science is taught as a separate lesson but is linked within our Project work where appropriate. We encourage our children to be curious about natural phenomena and to be excited by the process of understanding the world around them. Key scientific terminology is introduced each lesson and knowledge is built upon throughout the school. Children are encouraged to work scientifically and carry out simple tests and experiments using equipment whilst gathering and recording data. Whilst at Blackmoor Park, children learn about plants, animals including humans, materials, seasonal change, habitats, rocks, light, states of matter, sound, earth and space and evolution and inheritance. Visits by specialists such as Mad Science enhance the delivery of our science curriculum. We also have a dedicated science week throughout the year. Lessons make effective links with other curriculum areas and subjects, especially literacy, numeracy and Computing. Activities are challenging, motivating and extend pupils’ learning. Children have frequent opportunities to develop their skills in, and take responsibility for, planning investigative work, selecting relevant resources, making decisions about sources of information, carry out activities safely and decide on the best form of communicating their findings.

What's happening in Science lessons at Blackmoor...

March 30, 2020

Hello children, parents and carers. 

We hope you have enjoyed completing last week’s activities on Purple Mash. We have really enjoyed looking at all your completed tasks. 

Below you will find the first ‘Learning Log’ for this week with plenty of ideas of proje...

March 25, 2020

Good morning children, parents and carers!

We hope you are all happy and safe at home. We are missing all your smiling faces.

As well as work for you to do in your Learning Logs, which will be posted shortly, we would like you to do three activities a day on Purple Mash....

March 18, 2020

We made a fair test to examine what happens when we added one, two and then nineteen Mentos to Diet Coke. We predicted and recorded our results and found out the more Mentos we added the bigger the chemical reaction that occurred and the bigger the explosion. We invest...

The children in Willow have been finding out about Kenya.  They have been looking at animals and finding out which animals can be found in Kenya. They used their painting and cutting skills to create their own African sunset.

February 18, 2020

Look at some of the busy learning that Chestnut have been involved in over the past few weeks. We have been exploring 'Living things and their Environments' in science, 'Maps and Directions' in Geography and 'Neil Armstrong' in History.

February 18, 2020

Chestnut have been creating art work over the past few lessons looking at and exploring animals, habitats, countries and continents. We have been developing skills of painting and using different media such as pastels to create different textures, lines and shading. We...

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