Potential Year 2 return to school.

Proposed possible return to school for Year 2 children


Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.  Currently Liverpool Infant schools are only open to those children whose parents are key workers and have no other childcare and a small number of vulnerable children.


However, initial guidance from LCC has stated that on the 29th June it may be possible for Infant School’s to bring in Year 2 pupils.  This has yet to be fully authorised due to varying government guidance and ever-changing statistics in terms of the R – rate. For those of you who said that you are not ready for your child to return, I would like to stress that we totally understand your reasons. We will keep in touch with you and your child and some form of transition information will still be offered.


We have a plan in place to facilitate a possible return to school for Year 2 children but this will obviously look different to what the children are used to due to the 2 metre social distancing rule.  The plan will also be adapted depending on how many Year 2 children are able to return.


Provisional Plan:

So, your child would be allocated one of the above weeks and they would attend school for that week only.  They would spend the time in their usual classroom with their current teacher.  This would be their bubble and they would remain in this bubble for the whole week and would not mix with other bubbles in school.  Unfortunately


Mrs Mahamy is unable to be in school at this time so Pine class would be taken by Miss Pendleton but in their Year 2 classroom.


During the week the children will engage in lots of activities linked to their feelings, anxieties and experiences while school has been closed.  We will focus on transition and the children’s Year 3 teacher will come and meet them.


In order to plan this effectively then we need to know if you intend to send your child into school. 

We are asking every Year 2 family to please email – and state your child’s name, class and whether or not they able to attend school for 1 week.


For example:

Mark Brown


Yes, he will attend school


The deadline for emailing school regarding this matter is Friday 19th June.

Unfortunately, any emails received after this date cannot be considered for a place.


On Monday 22nd June we will look at the numbers and any further information from the LA and DfE will be considered, but we do hope to allocate each child to a specific week. We will endeavour to try and accommodate class friendships where this is possible.


Information will then be emailed out to you concerning the exact dates and times your child will be attending and other important information you need to know before you bring your child onto the school grounds.

If your child is already attending school then they will be moved into their class for one of the available weeks but they would be expected to attend every day for that week.


Thank you for your continued support,


Mrs J Hitchmough


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