We believe that for children to feel to feel happy and settled in school a strong transition is required. Unfortunately the induction process will be very different this year, but we want to reassure you that there will be a transition into school even if it looks very different to our normal provision. Your little one will be gently prepared for school.

We have begun to make contact with all of your pre-schools/previous nurseries to collect all the information on your child as we always would. We will also endeavour to hold visits in school to meet class teachers and learning support assistants as soon as the government allows.

In the meantime, teachers will begin to make phone calls to all new starters. This is to informally introduce themselves, signpost you to supportive documents and websites, and hopefully to reassure and answer any questions you may have.

Supporting your child before they start school:

To help us get to know your child a bit better please complete the ‘All about me’ over the summer holidays and return to school with your child in September. This can be found HERE!













Click Here for the Reception Home Learning Activities to support Transition Booklet

Click Here for the Kindergarten Home Learning Activities to support Transition Booklet


Additional Resources

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