We filled our 'Special Jar' in Kindi

At the end of last week we filled our 'Special Jar' this is a jar in which we gain wooden chips by following our Kindi Rules these are... To be respectful, To be Ready and To be safe!

When we fill our 'Special jar' we have a treat! All the children were very excited to fill our jar and even more excited to see what their treat would be!

We decided to introduce our outdoor hub area as our treat. The children went to the 'Acorn Hub' and enjoyed having toast and a story.

We have started our 'Busy Time' activities. These are all based around writing and we will be encouraging the children to do many fine and large motor activities in order to build their muscles in their arms, wrists, hands and fingers. All children have a writing target and we will be working on meeting their target through these busy time activities.