Thursday day 4 of Well-being week

World book day and our theme is pyjama day and bedtime stories. The children look amazing 🤩 we will celebrate today with some lovely bedtime stories in group, some children have brought their own favourite books into Kindi today so we are sharing these stories together.

Child initiated time enjoying exploring and playing with their favourite activities.

Kindi had story time with Mr Harbottle in Kindi we sat beautifully listening to a story called Before we go to bed.

The bakery is open and the children are making chocolate cornflake cakes with Mrs Robinson. 🧁👩‍🍳

After lunch we relaxed in our Spa🥰 and a little yoga the perfect afternoon.our favourite song hop little bunnies🙂🙂🙂🙂

Another great day in Kindi, tomorrow’s the last day of our Well-being week we are going to have an amazing day tomorrow with more surprises. It may be raining outside but it’s always sunny in Kindi.

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