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Story time with Miss Skelly

Miss Skelly, a trainee teacher who has been working in Year One has read one of Year One's Favourite 10 books, ' A Squash and a Squeeze' which is written by Julia Donaldson. This is a great story about a woman who thinks her house is too small so a wise old man tells her to take all her animals inside her house with her....

We hope you enjoy listening to the story and then see if you can answer these questions:

1, What was a 'Squash and a Squeeze'?

2, What did the hen do?

3, What does the word 'curious' mean?

4, What did the cow do?

5, Was the woman's house any bigger at the end of the story? Why did she think it was?

6, What does 'wise' mean? Was the old man 'wise'? Why do you think that?

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