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Story time with Miss Pendleton

Miss Pendleton has read a lovely story called 'Ravi's Roar' written by Tom Percival.

The story is about a little boy who becomes so cross that he turns into a tiger! As a tiger he can do many things but soon finds out that nobody wants to be his friend.

We hope your child enjoys listening to the story. Once they have listened to the story, can they answer the following questions:

1, Was Ravi the oldest in his family?

2, Who did Ravi have to sit with on the train?

3, What was the final thing that made Ravi get so cross that he turned into a tiger?

4, What did Ravi think was great about being a tiger?

5, What do you think made Ravi turn back into a boy?

6, What should you do if you feel cross?

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