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It’s been a fun packed week in Kindi

This week has been another great week for our children in Kindi, we have been busy learning lot's of new things!

The children have really enjoying learning all about patterns so we decided To make patterns even more fun by making fruit kebabs in a pattern...

We also used creative sticks and our screen to make even more patterns...

We even made patterns outdoors...

Can you talk about patterns at home? Can you make different patterns and bring them in to show us?

We have also been caring for our babies in our role play area the children are very engaged in looking after the dolls and are keen to learn more about looking after them. We introduced changing the dolls nappy, the children thought this was a great activity and all loved to get involved. We also learnt the nursery rhyme 'Miss Polly had a dolly' we decided our dolls may be sick and looked after them.

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