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Chinese New Year!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Did you know this year is the Year of the Ox?

Chinese New Year will be celebrated on Friday 12th February this year. At Blackmoor Park we have been lucky to have visitors from The Confucious Society based in Edge Hill University, who have worked alongside Year 2 children sharing lots of traditions and new skills. Unfortunately that won't be happening this year. However the Confucious Society have sent us the links to lots of different activities we can take part in at home. There are lots of different skills to practice and learn, even some challenges for your older brothers and sisters to have a go at! I am going to try and make some dumplings for my family to share, and have a go at the Tai Chi sessions too!

My favourite are the stories and how to make a lantern.

Have fun finding out about Chinese New Year!

Mrs Reaney

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