21 Day Drawing Challenge!

Good morning everyone! Here is a lovely 30 minute daily activity for you and your your family to take part in,

DAILY DRAWING CHALLENGE - By Jennie from Outline Arts http://www.outlinearts.co.uk/

Welcome the Daily Drawing course where you’ll be creating a drawing each day for 21 days. The aim of this course is to apply the same principles of ‘breaking a bad habit in 21 days’ and use that framework to create a good one! Through daily observational drawing, you'll create a sketchbook of at least 21 drawings, using objects around you to respond to. Daily creative rituals have a positive effect on our mental health, concentration and hand/eye coordination. Please see the below pages for details on what you’ll need, what you’ll be doing, and a link to each daily tutorial.

For 30 minutes a day, you will set aside time to; ● (10 minutes) Set up your space and materials ● (5 minutes) Watch daily video tutorial ● (10 minutes) Concentrated, observational drawing - set a timer. ● (5 minutes) Clear up. Times may vary, this is a guide to help you focus on drawing *

Before you start, you'll need… ● x25 pieces of paper and a bulldog clip to create your own sketchbook. Or, an A5 sketchbook. ● Pencils (graphite and colour) ● Fine liner/biro pens ● Markers (Sharpies/Felt tip) ● Watercolour paints, brushes, water brushes (You can alternatively use anything to add colour such as:chalk pastels, acrylic paints, posca pens etc. Use what you have!) ● Rubber ● Sharpener ● Objects to draw (see weekly inspirations) to take part in, You jus