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Reception Home Learning

Dear children and families,

Everyone here at Blackmoor Park Infants are missing you already and we hope you are staying safe and well. We have lots of ideas to keep you busy and learning on the school website under the Home Learning section on the home page, this should be ready for in the next week.

We plan to send out emails with additional activities, please do not feel under pressure to complete the activities, we understand that we are in unique circumstances and everyone of you may have new and additional pressures at this time.

Today we would like you to log onto Purple Mash and play the maths game we have set under your 2Dos tab.

This link will take you to the schools login page:

Your username and password details have been stuck into your home learning book.

If for any reason you can not access Purple Mash, the following activity will practice the same skills:

  • adult to write numbers 1-10 on post it notes, or small pieces of paper ( if your child is confident with numbers to 10, you can use greater numbers)

  • using any house hold items (lego, pegs, cheerios, beads etc) put out a set amount for your child to count

  • encourage them to touch each item as they count and to only count each item once

  • the last number they say is the 'stop number' you can reinforce this by saying 'you stopped counting on number X, you have X altogether.

  • you now find the paper with the correct number written on it to match your amount

  • start off with smaller amounts and build to higher as your child succeeds, if they start to miss count, then do not go any higher, continue to practice counting up to that number

Happy counting.

Take care and stay safe.

From the Reception Team

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