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Sycamores PE Stars

This term we are working on our creative skills, our learning goals are as follows;

ALL of us can observe and copy others.

MANY of us can explore and describe different movements.

SOME of us can compare our movements and skills with others.

We have been visiting the circus and acting as clowns for the last 3 weeks in PE, with our focus being on our ball skills. We each got a 'silly ball' and explored a variety of ways to manipulate our ball, with a focus on maintaining control of the ball. We have been discussing together what is needed to keep control of our ball. We have enjoyed challenging ourselves with our coloured challenges, which are included in our slideshow for you all to have a go at home.

We applied our skills with a game of 'getting around us' were we worked in pairs to get the ball around our partners bodies in a range of ways whilst maintaining control of the ball.

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