Pink Fluffy Textures

November 27, 2018

 Messy play is always a favourite when down in Kindergarten. Whether it is sand, mud or shaving foam, your child coming home covered head to toe in these things obviously means they have had a good time in school. Having the confidence to get involved and totally disregard the call of the washing machine at home, tells me that these children are little explorers. They are curious and need to satisfy this curiosity by rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in. The benefits of messy play are numerous, the children experiment with texture and all the language that accompanies this. It also encourages the children to make comparisons with other textures they have experienced and allows them to expand their vocabulary which lends itself to improved communication skills. As a teacher it is always marvellous to catch a glimpse inside the mind of a 3/4 year old child and the world they live in. An example of the wonderment came when upon grabbing a handful of foam, exclaimed "it feels like a pink fluffy cloud floating in the sky", what a landscape that must be.


Happy Camping!


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