Kindergarten 3+ (Saplings) Home Learning Information

Summer 1 (20th April - ?)

Hello all, I hope everyone is well and that we are all staying safe and remaining in reasonably good spirits. It is wonderful to have received emails off some of you, updating us on the wonderful work that you have all been getting up to. This is just a quick update on things you could potentially do at home in our own time. Again, please do not think that you have to complete them all, there are merely there for you to attempt with your child whenever you have a spare minute. Many of the activities will remain the same as we aim to master these on a daily basis. The format for our maths and phonics will remain the same as well as our ‘useful links’ section so check out our new topic work if you like!

If you need any help or advice you can email the Kindergarten team on

or if your child has something to share with the Kindergarten team you can send photos or videos to the team at the same address. Stay safe everyone!


Phase 1 Phonics

  • Nursery Rhymes

    • Sing different nursery rhymes

    • Who can finish the sentence? (E.g. Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you…)

    • Who can identify words that rhyme? (Hickory Dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock…)

  • Odd One Out

    • Name all the objects in a group. Say three words (two that rhyme and one that doesn’t). Who can identify the odd one out? (E.g. dog – hen – log)

    • Extension Activity: Children take turns to continue a rhyming string e.g. hat – cat – rat – mat

  • Shopping Game (alliteration focus)

    • Gather a number of objects from around the house, some beginning with the same sound and some that are different. Child 1 – I went to the shop and I bought some socks, soap and slippers. Can child two identify the beginning sound of each word? (S)

Phase 2 Phonics

  • Teddy Talk

    • Introduce teddy who likes to talk slowly saying the sounds in three letter words. Player one chooses a three letter object (without the other player seeing it) and says the word in Teddy talk: M – A – T. Player two then says the word peg. (this works with any household item that is three letters long)

  • River Crossing

    • Outside, draw a two by five grid. In each section write a different sound from; m, a, s, d, t and I (making sure they are all lower case). Can we make it to the other end of the ‘river’ by calling out sounds for the player to correctly jump on? (Emphasise the importance of not falling into the river either side and thinking carefully about our next move)

Useful links (Phonics games) (Phase 1 Games) (Phonics games) (Various phonics tasks)


  • Memory Game

    • How well can we remember? Place between 5-10 items on the side and try to remember what those items are, then place a blanket over the items. We close our eyes, then our adult removes one or two items from the side and we have to remember which items have disappeared.

  • Number Rhymes

    • Can we sing our nursery rhymes that include a number strand? E.g. Five Current Buns, Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer, Little Speckled Frogs, Ten Fat Sausages, One Man Went to Mow.

  • Ordering Events

    • Can we recite the days of the week in order? (Using our days of the week song)

    • Can we place events throughout our day in the correct order? E.g. If we were at Nursery what would we do first? Then what?

    • Yesterday, after we had breakfast what did we do then?

  • Touch Counting

    • Can we count a group of items (up to five) making sure that when we count, we only touch each object once to correspond with the number we are saying?

    • Can we have a mixture of coloured objects and only count and pick out a certain colour and sort them into correctly coloured piles?

  • Dice Games

    • Can we roll a dice and whatever number it lands on can we recognise it through subitising? (Recognising that six is six without having to count out each dot)

    • Can we roll and number on our dice and then from that number count up to ten?

  • Using our Shapes

    • Can we order our toys from tallest to smallest? With this in mind can we use some positional language as well? (This toy is the tallest and this one is next, this one is behind and this one is in front)

Useful Links (Counting Games) (Shape Song) (Numberblocks TV Show)

Topic/Other Learning

  • Expressive Arts & Design

    • Simple activities include; dancing to our favourite songs and moving rhythmically, painting and drawing pictures of people who are important to us and tells you (makes up) a story about the things that they are playing with).

  • Physical Development

    • Outside, can we practice our balance, ball skills and jumping? Can we move like our favourite animals or even dinosaurs?! Can we practice our yoga skills?

  • Understanding the World

    • During the summer term we would normally be looking at growth and change, using animals, insects and plants as our themes.

    • There are a few books that we would have been focusing on, these include; Back to school tortoise, My friend Harry, First day at bug school, How to catch a star and the Snail and the Whale.

    • Our main story that we would be focusing on would be an old favourite, The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

    • In this story the main theme is obviously growth and change so here are some activities I would recommend to compliment the potential learning that could happen:

    • Could we go out into the garden and go on a mini beast hunt of our own? Could we note down what creatures we see and tell our adults what they look like and what they might eat?

    • Just like the caterpillar, we all love to eat. Can we check our fridge and our cupboards and find some healthy snacks we think caterpillars might like to eat?

    • Could we design our own caterpillar using resources we find around the house? (Paints, cardboard etc.)

    • Could we design a symmetrical butterfly using all sorts of different colours? (Linking back to maths could we put, for example, five spots on one side and make sure that there are the same amount on the other side?

    • Could we plant a seed in a plant pot (or use the one we took home with us all those weeks ago) and look after it carefully. Making sure we water our plants and keep them in this glorious weather, can we document any change or growth that we can see?​


Useful links (Cosmic Kids Yoga) (5 minute mum, covers all strands of learning) (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

Don't forget if you need any help or advice you can email the Kindergarten team on

or if your child has something to share with the Kindergarten team you can send photos or videos to the team at the same address. Stay safe everyone!

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