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During our first week back after the October half-term, we have challenged the children to mark make with the goal of writing our name. As we have been working on our fine motor skills already, many of the children love the extra challenge of writing something meaningf...


As we are continuing with our maths busy times, the children have been looking at applying their fine motor skills in lots of different ways. As well as shapes, colours and construction playing huge parts this morning, the main focus was how we hold our writing equipme...


 Whilst eating our snack at the end of the day, the children have been experiencing our 'favourite five' stories. Through our narrative immersion approach, the children interact with each tale, using puppets, costumes and acting each page out. The level of understandin...


Whilst enoying and understanding that a healthy and balanced diet is neccessary for our growing bodies, the children are also attempting to find their name. With orange and apple in hand the children peruse the array of name tags in search for their very own one, with...


During our maths busy time the children have been helping their teachers sort out all sorts of problems. Amid the mahem of colour sorting, bracelet making, animal colouring, colour matching, spider creating, hole punching, the children have enjoyed each and every activ...


 In our home corner we have a new doctor's surgery. Complete with a waiting room and medical equipment, the children have been showing us their care and concern for their friends. Although some of us may not look happy to be waiting at the doctors, this role playing ex...


During our maths time many of the children took part in a colour ordering activity. Each child picked one of our colour cards and was tasked with finding the corresponding lego bricks. The sense of achievement experienced when completeing the task was obvious as there...


 As we have been focusing on Goldilocks and the three bears as one of our favourite texts, the children have found it incredibly interesting to read it for themselves. Not only do we have several different copies with various different pictures, we also have a range of...


 The children followed me outsde this afternoon in the hopes that we would build something together. We sat down on the logs and discussed what our options were. Suggestions included; towers, houses, trucks, cars, bridges amongst other 'massive' things. Instead of pick...


As soon as all of the children flood into our nursery we get straight on with our learning. We break off into small groups and experience all sorts of different activities. Whether we work as a team building train tracks for our trains, exercise our fine motor skills w...

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