Meet the Kindergarten 0-3's Team

The people at Blackmoor Kindergarten are what makes our nursery so special.
Each and every member of staff is highly valued and a very important team player.

Mrs Shepherd.JPG
Mrs S Shepherd
Deputy Childcare Manager
Miss L Hough.jpg
Miss L Hough
Childcare Manager
Mr Ross.JPG
Mr S Ross
School Business Manager

Baby Room Practitioners:

Miss R Pickford
Baby Room Leader
Mrs T Boyle
Early Years Practitioner
Miss M Healey
Early Years Practitioner
Ms Crossland
Mrs S Crossland
Early Years Practitioner
Megan Ashworth.JPG
Miss M Ashworth
Early Years L3 Apprentice

Toddler Room Practitioners:

Mrs K Crowley
Toddler Room Leader
Ami Natteroy.jpg
Miss A Natteroy
Early Years L3 Apprentice
Miss E Nelson.png
Miss E Nelson
Early Years Practitioner
Alicia Brooks.JPG
Miss A Brooks
Early Years L2 Apprentice
Miss J Hudson
Early Years Practitioner
Natalia Szulc.JPG
Miss N Szulc
Early Years L3 Apprentice
Linda Caring Services.jpg
Ms L Rodgers
Early Years Regular Cover